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Images Slat Top Contemporary Patio Coffee Table in Brown

Slat Top Contemporary Patio Coffee Table in Brown


by World Source
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Additional Information

Product Description

Relax and unwind under the stars by adding the Slat Top Contemporary Patio Coffee Table in Brown to your outdoors. This rectangular coffee table features a slat-style top set on a sturdy base with square feet and supportive stretchers. Durable aluminum frame with weather-resistant powder coating makes this furniture an all-weather friendly option to your patio or porch.



  • Brand Name: World Source
  • Brand Description:

    One of the best names in outdoor furniture, World Source is known for unique designs, attention to detail, and quality materials and construction. Their diverse collections cover the entire universe of furniture for outdoor living, including chairs, gliders, sofas, loveseats, dining tables and chairs, firepits, and accent pieces, using rust-proof solid cast aluminum and weather-resistant fabrics.


  • Collection Name: Calistoga '19 By World Source


  • SKU: WSO-HA-1099-ET
  • Product Name: Slat Top Contemporary Patio Coffee Table in Brown
  • Description: Relax and unwind under the stars by adding the Slat Top Contemporary Patio Coffee Table in Brown to your outdoors. This rectangular coffee table features a slat-style top set on a sturdy base with square feet and supportive stretchers. Durable aluminum frame with weather-resistant powder coating makes this furniture an all-weather friendly option to your patio or porch.

Dimensions (inches/lbs)

  • Depth (front to back): 60.00
  • Height (bottom to top): 18.23
  • Width (side to side): 31.50
  • Weight: 61.07


  • Style: Contemporary


  • Finish Color: Brown
  • Finish Shade: Medium


  • Leg: Square
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Edge: Square


GatherCraft® Care and Warranty:

Basic two year limited warranty on frames, finishes and workmanship. Two year limited warranty on most fabrics. 5 year warranty on Sunbrella® brand fabrics.

Care and maintenance: Regular cleaning of frames with a mild soap and water solution is recommended, such as automotive type wash that’s safe for use on clear coat finishes. Fabrics can be washed briskly with a sponge or soft brush using a solution of mild detergent and warm water, then rinsed thoroughly with clean water and allowed to air dry.

Frames: Our heavy gauge Aluminum, steel and wrought iron frames are pre-treated and strong. Each frame is hand-welded using full circumference 360 degree heli-arc welds. Each frame is then sanded and polished prior to the finish line.

Rust, scratches: GatherCraft® frames are made of high quality selected steel and aluminum materials for long life but the possibility of rust and corrosion does exist especially in harsh climates. Rust can be controlled with regular inspections and routine maintenance as required. A steel wool sanding and a good quality matching outdoor paint will usually give good results for touch ups.

Finishes: The finish materials used for GatherCraft products are made from the high quality polyester powder paints. These premium finishes are designed to withstand all of nature’s

wear and tear. Our frames are prepared with a chemical pre-wash then they are primed using advanced processes for the best base coatings possible. Polyester powder coatings are then used in an electrostatic finish process and then they are cured in large ovens to provide a long lasting super durable smooth finish. This warranty will cover peeling for two years.

Top Coating: Some of our frames will undergo a time consuming hand applied antiquing process where we brush or sponge on various tones and colors to achieve a weathered and worn look. All hand applied finishes are then sealed with a urethane top coat to lock in the hand crafted appeal.

Fabrics: GatherCraft® uses high quality olefins and polyester fabrics. These fabrics are resistant to fading, weather and stains. Our warranty on all fabrics is one year unless otherwise specified by the fabric provider. We strongly recommend that you protect your investment with GatherCraft® covers and store your cushions out of direct sunlight when not in use. This will guarantee the longest life of your products. We do not cover against normal color fading. Fabrics can be cleaned using soap and water and light rinse. Remove the
cushions from the frames to clean and dry. Stand cushions on their sides for quicker dry times. All of our cushions are open cell foams that allow for quick drying.

Sling Fabrics: All of GatherCraft® sling chairs are made from fine quality textilene and are easy to maintain with regular washing using mild soap and warm water. Mildew can occur and you can clean with a solution of one and a half cups of bleach mixed with one cup of dish detergent mixed with 2 gallons of hot water. Apply the solution to the affected area and brush in with a soft bristle automotive brush. Rinse off and reapply for best results. Once the second cleaning is complete, thoroughly rinse with warm water and allow to air dry for one hour before use.

Glass tops: GatherCraft® glass tops are 5 millimeter tempered glass which is 4-5 times stronger than plate glass. Glass tops and glass components are not covered by any GatherCraft warranties.

Care and maintenance: We recommend regular washing with a mild soap or detergent. Inspect your products annually for scratches. Use touch up paints as recommend above

preventing further damage. Regular waxing with automotive quality waxes will restore and protect your investment and add many years to the life of the product.

Warranty Claims: In the unlikely event the GatherCraft® products you have purchased has a covered defect or missing parts, please submit a typed letter or email with your name, contact number and complete address with a detailed explanation of the problem along with a copy of the original receipt showing date of purchase to the store where you purchase your products. Digital color photos must accompany each individual claim in order for the claim to be processed. All parts and warranties will be processed through our retail partners.

Exclusions: Use of GatherCraft® products for any purpose other than for private residential use; damage caused by acts of nature, negligence, lack of care and maintenance or incorrect assembly, abuse or other incidental damages will not be covered. Although our hardware is made from high quality non corrosive materials, hardware is not covered under our warranty. Plastic caps and protective components are not covered. Glass is not covered from breakage or cracking and cannot be ordered from our repair center.


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