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Images ecocomfort Cool Latex Pillow

ecocomfort Cool Latex Pillow


by ecocomfort


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  • Brand Name: ecocomfort
  • Brand Description:

    Every once in a while a product appears that blends quality, innovation, and value so attractively that it becomes a standout in its industry. As one of those rare products, ecocomfort is rapidly becoming a first choice for sleepers worldwide, as more and more buyers, frustrated by high prices and exaggerated claims, discover the comfort, quality, value, and eco-friendliness built into every ecocomfort product.

    ecocomfort is a new generation of mattresses, designed to be the highest quality possible and the friendliest to the environment. ecocomfort is focused on extensive research into quality sleep. The engineering and design that transforms all the various raw materials into a comfortable, restful place is an art that continually leads to new discoveries, processes, levels of quality and techniques.

    How to tell if you need ecocomfort, the world’s most comfortable mattress.

    If you wake up in the middle of the night, and your mattress is wet with sweat, you need ecocomfort. If you lie there for hours, and sleep doesn’t come, you need ecocomfort. If you try every conceivable position and none of them is comfortable, you need ecocomfort. If you get out of bed, turn the thermostat down, an hour later turn it up, and an hour later turn it down again, you need ecocomfort. If just when you finally get to sleep, your bed partner changes position and boom! you’re wide awake again, you need ecocomfort. If you’d like to reduce any harmful effects your life is having on the planet, you need ecocomfort. If you’d like to sleep on the world’s most comfortable mattress, but don’t have Donald Trump’s money, you need ecocomfort. 


  • Product Name: ecocomfort Cool Latex Pillow


  • Type: Sleeper
  • Fill: Hyperallergenic
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