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Images Americana Level I Adjustable Base

Americana Level I Adjustable Base


by Americana
SKU: LA-359701/MV


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Head up Foot up Wireless remote One touch flat button Foldable Design Available in one-piece king Once piece 12” leg 1 Year Warranty



  • Brand Name: Americana


  • SKU: LA-359701/MV
  • Product Name: Americana Level I Adjustable Base
  • Description: Head up Foot up Wireless remote One touch flat button Foldable Design Available in one-piece king Once piece 12” leg 1 Year Warranty


  • Remote: Wireless


  • Mattress: 1 Year


Warranty Info



  1. Warranty is effective whether mattress is purchased with matching foundation, or either mattress or foundation is purchased separately. However, use of an improper foundation may cause damage to the mattress and void this warranty.
  2. Your Lady Americana mattress and/or foundation will be repaired or replaced without charge (transportation charges to and from nearest Lady Americana factory must be paid by the purchaser) during the lifetime of this warranty, should either be defective due to faulty workmanship or structural defects (the covering of each item is excluded). Repair or replacement is at the option of Lady Americana. This warranty commences the day you take delivery of your Lady Americana mattress and/or foundation.
  3. This warranty is void if the foundation is not supported by either five (5) bed slats or a cross braced frame. This frame must have minimum of four (4) legs on Twin and Full sizes, five (5) legs on Queen size and six (6) legs on King size.
  4. In the event you wish to make a warranty claim, first you are required to notify the retailer from whom you purchased your Lady Americana mattress and/or foundation. You must provide proof-of-purchase; therefore you must retain your sales receipt and/or delivery receipt. The retailer will coordinate your claim with Lady Americana. In the event the retailer is no longer in business, or in the event you have moved a significant distance since the purchase of your mattress and/or foundation, write Lady Americana 3920 W. I-40 Service Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73108, for instructions on how to proceed with your warranty claim.
  5. This warranty is void if mattress and/or foundation have been burned, soiled, damaged or is in an unsanitary condition. Since stains of any kind void the warranty, you are urged to use a highly absorbent mattress pad.
  6. This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser, and valid only for residential use. Contract and commercial usages are not covered by this warranty.
  7. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have rights, which vary from state to state. The manufacturer is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages (unless this limitation is specifically prohibited by local or state statute). Implied warranties are limited to the period of this warranty (unless this limitation is specifically prohibited by local or state statute).


  1. Your Lady Americana mattress and foundation will provide you with years of excellent service if you follow these easy instructions.
  2. To insure that you receive the support that is built into your Lady Americana mattress, insist on the matching Lady Americana foundation. Do not be misled into believing that it is sufficient to buy a new mattress only after your present mattress shows wear and tear. Mattress failure or “wear out” is often caused by foundation failure.
  3. As stated on the warranty information for your Lady Americana mattress and/or foundation, use at least 5 hardwood bed slats of 2” width or wider under your Lady Americana Sleep Set (if you use a bedstead), or a 4- legged bed frame under Twin and Full size sets, a 5-legged frame under Queen Size, and a 6-legged frame under King size.
  4. Use a high quality, absorbent mattress pad. This will keep the covering of the mattress fresh and clean. Never apply liquids of any kind to mattress surfaces.
  5. Don’t jump or stand on your Lady Americana Sleep Set. Misuse of this kind could cause unnecessary damage and the voiding of your warranty.
  6. Don’t bend your Lady Americana mattress when turning the mattress or moving it from one location to another. It is almost impossible for you to straighten a mattress whose border rod has been bent. Such abuse voids your warranty.



  • “Warranty”: the manufacturer’s assurance that certain standards will be met by the performance of the mattress and box spring for a specified period of time.
  • “Limited Warranty”: this indicates that the warranty provided does not extend to every possible situation. There are situations that are excluded; therefore the warranty is “limited” rather than “unlimited”. No mattress manufacturer offers an “unlimited” warranty, because there are so many situations outside of its control.
  • “Non-ProRated”: if any problem occurs that is covered by the warranty during the term of the warranty, purchaser will not be charged for any repair made or, if necessary, any exchange of the mattress and/or box spring.



The warrantor is the Lady Americana factory that manufactured the mattress and/or box spring. Lady Americana Associates, Inc. (LAA), licenses independent mattress manufacturers to produce and market Lady Americana products. LAA does not determine any specific warranty for any Lady Americana product. In the event the factory that manufactured your warranted product ceases operations, this warranty ceases to exist. Only the factory determines which products will be warranted, and for what period.


This warranty covers any defects in workmanship AND/OR materials that occur during the term of the warranty. Some examples (but not limited to these examples):

  1. Coil wire piercing the covering of the mattress or box spring.
  2. Innerspring unit failure, wherein the unit collapses. To date Lady Americana has never experienced this problem.
  3. The top panels and/or side panels of the mattress not held in place by the two tapes (top and bottom) that encompass the entire perimeter of the mattress (the top of the box spring only).
  4. The collapse of the box spring wire unit.


  1. Definition: the effective life of a mattress is the period in which it is able to provide proper sleep support and comfort to its user(s).
  2. How long is the effective life of your mattress? Actually, no one, not even the manufacturer of your mattress knows for certain. There are many variables (not limited to those listed below):
    1. The weight of the user(s).
    2. How many hours per night the product is used.
    3. The usages of the product other than for sleeping (reading, TV watching, etc.).
    4. How often the mattress is moved from one location to another and how it is handled and stored in transit.
    5. Whether the mattress is being used with the foundation made for it.
  3. The Better Sleep Council suggests that the average effective life of a new mattress is 8-10 years. Obviously that means some mattresses have a longer period, others a shorter term. However, when the mattress is 8-10 years old, you should inspect it closely then (and from then on) for signs of wearing out. Remember, your new mattress is its most effective in its first night of service to you. Every night afterward it loses a bit of its effectiveness, very slowly and very subtly to the point that you’ll never notice it, until one day (or night) you’ll realize that you're not receiving a good night’s sleep from it. That’s the time to replace it.
  4. Here’s a question often asked: “If I have a mattress with a 15-year warranty, why should I be inspecting my mattress in 8-10 years?” The answer is that your warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials, not wearing out. Again, review all the variables listed for determining effective mattress life. Even though your mattress has worn out, this does not indicate that the mattress will be literally falling apart. If you choose to continue its use after it is worn out, your warranty against defects in workmanship and materials is still in effect.


  1. The chief cause of warranty voidance is the soiling of the mattress. Blood, urine or other stains void the warranty. You are sincerely encouraged to use a quality mattress pad that has a high absorption rate.
  2. Abuse of the mattress and/or box spring. Children repeatedly jumping on the mattress will ultimately cause the mattress to fail in some manner.
  3. Bending the mattress during delivery or when moving it. No innerspring mattress, especially a Lady Americana mattress with the Ameri- Guard® total perimeter support system, can be bent without permanent damage. If the mattress is bent to get it up a small or winding stairwell or into a room with a sub-size opening, the warranty is void.
  4. Lack of suitable support under the foundation. Queen size sleep sets require a 5-legged bed frame (with center support). King size sets require either separate frames for each foundation, or a 6-legged frame (with center support). If you use bed slats, a minimum of 5 hardwood slats is required.
  5. If you do not purchase the foundation made to be used with your mattress, you still have the full warranty on your mattress. However, an improper foundation (wrong construction, worn out, etc.) can be the cause of damage to the mattress. If so, the mattress warranty is null and void. Also, you should be aware that the “feel” of the mattress in the store would differ from the “feel” of the mattress on an old foundation.


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