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A full year to be sure

comfort guaranteeThis Program is between the original purchaser as listed on the original receipt (“You”) and Mathis Brothers.


The Program is effective for one (1) year commencing from the date You take delivery of a Qualifying Mattress. For purposes of this Program, and as used in every instance herein, Qualifying Mattress is defined as a mattress with a minimum purchase price of $1,000. The Program allows You the ability, under the terms and conditions of the Program, to select another mattress that may be more comfortable to You than the original Qualifying Mattress (“Item”). The Program does not supersede any warranty or coverage provided by the manufacturer of the Item. The Program covers only the Item, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein. The Program provides coverage for an Item that is utilized exclusively in residential property of which You are the primary resident or tenant.


You are the only person eligible for coverage under the Program. You must have received the Item from Mathis Brothers free from stains and damage. The Program does not cover stains or damage resulting from transit of the Item. If the covered Item is not maintained as required by the furniture manufacturer's warranty or the Consumer does not cooperate with the reasonable request of Mathis Brothers Furniture in its efforts to perform its obligations, the Program becomes void. The following terms and conditions are also Program requirements:

• The only covered Item in the Program is the Qualifying Mattress.
• Foundations and power bases are not eligible under the Program.
• The covered Item must be exchanged for the SAME SIZE mattress as the ORIGINAL PURCHASE mattress.
• The covered Item must be inspected and stain free prior to any exchange taking place.
• A Processing Fee of $199.95 is required on all Program claims. This fee covers processing, inspection and local delivery of the Item. Additional delivery cost may be charged if delivered outside of local zone. The Processing Fee is non-refundable and is due and payable before the inspection takes place.
• No credit or refund will be issued if you reselect an Item of lesser value than the originally purchased item.
• A mattress protector must be purchased during the same transaction as the original purchase of the Item and must be used correctly on the Item.
• You must be a Mathis Rewards Member at the time of purchase in order for the Qualifying Mattress to be covered.
• You must purchase a pillow during the same transaction as the original purchase of the item.
• You must sleep on the mattress a minimum of 30 nights before the Program allows any exchange. Claims can be made under the terms of the Program from day 31 after the original delivery of the Item up to a maximum of 365 days from the original delivery of the Item.
• All exchanges must be done through an approved Mathis Brothers delivery service. You may NOT bring Item to any Mathis Brothers location for exchange.
• The covered Item is not eligible for any other return policies of Mathis Brothers other than this Program or the Manufacturer Warranty.
• The Program offers only one exchange per original purchase.
• Purchase price of the covered Item must be $1,000.00 or more to be eligible for the Program.
• Mathis Brothers reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the Program at any time.


All requests to return an Item covered under the Program must be submitted to Mathis Brothers customer service. The toll free number for customer service is 1-800-329-3434. A certified bedding service specialist will assist you through the process. Do not bring the Item to a Mathis Brothers location.


Adjustable bases are NOT covered under this Program. Boxes and foundations are NOT covered under this Program. Qualifying Mattresses with a purchase price of less than $1,000 are not eligible for the Program. This Program is your exclusive remedy. This Program is not a warranty, express or implied, of the quality of your Item, its merchantability, or its fitness for a particular purpose. Your Item may or may not be accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty. If your Item is accompanied by a warranty, the warranty may provide you with additional rights and protections. This program is subject to and may be limited by applicable law and you may have additional rights that vary from state to state.